Working With Us

Halsnead Primary School recognises that our staff are the most important resource and are to be valued, supported and encouraged to develop personally and professionally within a learning and caring community.

We offer an unrivalled package of support, professional development and social opportunities to maximise your well-being and to enable you to fulfil your professional and personal potential - whilst also having a really enjoyable time!


The Senior Leadership Team and Governing Body will:

 - Maintain a school ethos where all staff are valued and where respect, empathy and honesty are the cornerstones of all school relationships.

 - Provide personal and professional development such as team building, management of change, stress management, assertiveness, communications.

 - Provide a range of strategies for involving staff in school decision making processes.

 - Operate sensitive Appraisal linked to clear job specifications.

 - Provide extra support from the Senior Leadership Teams at certain times of particular stress and/or difficulty e.g. Child Protection cases.

 - Provide a non-judgmental and confidential support system e.g. mentors.

 - Promote information about and access to supportive services.

 - Ensure that, as part of the risk assessment processes of staff workload, there are robust evaluations of the risks of harm and act upon such findings.

 - Provide staff, through training and building security, with a sense of safety and the confidence to deal positively with stressful incidents.

 - Review the demands on teachers and support staff, the time spent on paperwork and see practical alternative solutions wherever possible through the School Improvement Plan process.

 - Respond sensitively and flexibly to external pressures that impact on staff lives whilst at the same  - time ensuring the efficient running of the school.

 - Maintain contact with staff when they are absent for long periods.

 - Maintain positive staff-pupil relationships to ensure an effective teachingand learning environment.


 - Teachers to receive advice and guidance on their first PPA day from either a member of the Senior Leadership Team or Phase Leader.

 - Everyone to have a three-month review interview with the Senior Leadership Team/Extended Leadership Team/coach.


 - Decide who will be the supporting person for the new role.

 - Introduction/visits to school/class or environment of new role.

 - Establish a pattern of support (Professional Development Plan).

 - End of first week review with supporting person.


 - Childcare voucher scheme (Tax free deductible amount from monthly salary)

Current Vacancies

Deputy Headteacher

Halsnead is an ambitious and inclusive community school with passion for delivering high quality education.

Our staff are passionate, hardworking and motivated. We are seeking to appoint a Deputy Headteacher to help us provide a supportive, stimulating environment and to share our high expectations of achievement for all our children.

We are looking for someone who is:

 - Forward looking, energetic and visionary with high level organisational skills

 - An outstanding teacher

 - Committed to working with staff and students to help them achieve their potential

 - Able to create a culture and ethos of challenge and support where all students can achieve success and become engaged in their own learning

 - Energetic, creative and able to embrace the challenges of Halsnead

 - An excellent communicator and demonstrates openness and honesty

 - An excellent team player who enjoys working collaboratively and leading by example, setting high standards for all

 - Able to inspire and motivate children and staff

 - Highly skilled in managing personal interactions

 - Resilient under pressure

 - Experienced in leading whole school initiatives

Visits to the school are essential and warmly welcomed.

For more information, click here.

Please contact Amanda Tyrell, 0151 4768130 or email to arrange a visit and request an application form. Please return all applications to this address.

Applications close: Sunday 22nd September 2019